Riding Lessons

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Grab Your Riding Gear

Get ready to learn like never before! No matter your experience, Leif has many valuable tools in his bag. Are you just learning how to post, or advancing into high school movements and need refinement? With Leif's keen eye, he can help you to better understand in a fun and out of the box manner! 

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We have safe schoolmasters suitable for any level rider to learn on. No matter if you are sitting on a horse for the first time or the 5,000 time our horses are safe and knowledgeable. 

riding lessons

Get Ready

Improving your riding is a lesson away. Set a goal and Leif will help you get there. So get set and schedule your horse riding lessons now!

Print & sign

Bring a signed release to your riding lesson or fill 1 out before you start your lesson

Rider Releaseof Liability (pdf)